Quality Management


Waterworks is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company committed to a high level of quality throughout the organisation. To gain this accreditation Waterworks has both written and implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) which ensures all departments are united in our commitment to uphold a first-class level of customer service along with delivering high quality product. 

The QMS involves monitoring and reporting of any customer issues, internal and external non-conformance, monthly internal audits, and ensuring staff are appropriately trained to reach the high standards Waterworks is committed to.

What does this accreditation mean for our customers?

The purpose of gaining this accreditation, along with introducing advanced structure to the organisation, is to ensure customer satisfaction in all transactions, whether it be an order, enquiry, or even a complaint. Firstly, we have implemented systems whereby enquiries, suggestions, or complaints are recorded and attended to by appropriate personnel. Secondly, any product or system non-conformance is recorded and addressed by appropriate staff working with other key stakeholders. This means the customer can have absolute peace of mind and enhances our commitment to be the supplier of choice to New Zealand pipeline installers, be an essential distribution channel for global manufacturers of high-quality products, provide our team with opportunities to personally thrive in a positive and sustainable environment, and support community welfare.



We have established this quality policy to be consistent with the purpose and context of our organisation. It provides a framework for the setting and review of objectives in addition to our commitment to satisfy applicable customers', regulatory and legislative requirements as well as our commitment to continually improve our management system.

Customer Focus: As an organisation we have made a commitment to understand our current and future customers' needs; meet their requirements and strive to exceed their expectations.

Leadership: Our Board of Directors has committed to creating and maintaining a working environment in which people become fully involved in achieving our objectives.

Engagement of people: As an organisation we recognise that people are the essence of any good business and that their full involvement enables their abilities to be used for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Process approach: As an organisation we understand that a desired result is achieved more efficiently when activities and related resources are managed as a process or series of interconnected processes.

Improvement: We have committed to achieving continual improvement across all aspects of our quality management system; it is one of our main annual objectives.

Evidence-based decision making: As an organisation we have committed to only make decisions relating to our QMS following an analysis of relevant data and information.

Relationship management: We recognise that an organisation and the relationship it has with its external providers are interdependent and a mutually beneficial relationship enhances the ability of both to create value.

Our policy is also to meet the requirements of other interested parties and in meeting our social, environmental, charitable, regulatory and legislative responsibilities.